ANZAC Day Redland City

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Throughout Redlands thousand attended various ceremonies to respect and remember those who served our Country and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Leading into ANZAC Day our schools held very moving ceremonies where it was obvious the children understood the meaning of the day and were extremely respectful.  I was so proud of the various Captains as they conducted their services. 

One such Service I attended which was a very moving ceremony was at Ormiston State School.
Chappie Terry and his grandson read this prayer and I asked his permission to share so others could join in this reflection. 
We are gathered here today as a community, to remember those who have gone before us, and who will continue to fight for, and serve our country.
We remember their sacrifice of life, and limb.
we remember their deprivation of family, and community life.

We pray a blessing on ALL of those, whose lives have been forever changed, by sacrifice of their loved ones.

Our greatest prayer is that we, the men and women of tomorrow, will respect and honour this noble sacrifice...
that we grow in strength and compassion for our fellow countrymen...and that our sense of appreciation will touch the lives, of ALL those around us.

May we join together in love and thankfulness for the sake of our future generations and the freedom that we enjoy in our great country of Australia.

BLESSINGS be upon ALL of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country......


On ANZAC Day there was a wonderful ceremony at Wellington Point State High School. So many different local schools and Clubs participated to make the ceremony truly a community showing respect and giving thanks. Special thank you to Paul Bishop for all your organising .

WPSHS ANZAC Ceremony 2017

WPSHS ANZAC Ceremony 2017

Another moving morning ceremony and wonderful parade was at Cleveland. This year we remembered and pay our respects to all the animals that assisted in war. Unfortunately only a few were ever brought home while thousands died in the war and others were juts left behind. 100 local students placed a purple poppy on a special board to acknowledge their contribution. Camels... the ships of the desert, dogs, pigeons , donkeys and horses all were there today.
Thank you to all who have served our great nation and I trust you are all enjoying yourself this afternoon.

ANZAC Day Cleveland morning service 1
ANZAC Service Cleveland morning 2

ANZAC Service Cleveland morning 2


ANZAC Day Cleveland morning service 1


ANZAC Service Cleveland morning 3

ANZAC Service Cleveland morning 3


 ANZAC Service Cleveland morning 4

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