Birkdale Commonwealth Land Timeline

2015 – January  Commonwealth Land Birkdale time line

Upon reading the Redland City Bulletin, Wed January 21st, article headline “University touted in Birkdale land sale” I immediately thought of Helen Murray, who was the Councillor for the area Paul Bishop now represents, because  in 2008 when I was first elected this was an issue that Helen immediately discussed with the “new 2008 council”.

These discussions and research continued throughout the term with a break through in June 2009 when the owners finally opened discussions with council after our numerous efforts.

This is a very important parcel of land which I would be very supportive of to see the appropriate use evolve.  To say the previous council was not supportive as written in this article is mischievous  so I have written the following transparent  time line to illustrate how active Council has been since 2008.


  • 30th April 2008 -  General meeting council resolved to prepare and present a report on the opportunities for use on this commonwealth land.

  •  May 2008 -  A letter was also written to Airservices Australia advising that Redland City Council wishes to explore the feasibility of using the property. 

  • 10 July 2008 - A reply from Airservices Australia was received in July 2008 stating that as equipment on the site is required for the future, the organisation has no plans to either dispose of the property or consider alternative purposes.

  • 27th August 2008 -  Report to General meeting – 12.3.5 Opportunities for Recreational use of Commonwealth Land at Birkdale.  In this report it is stated Air Services indicated they require the land and they are unwilling to make any decision at this stage.  A recommendation was moved by Cr Craig Ogilvie and seconded by Cr Wendy Boglary that 1. Report be noted 2. Write to relevant Minister and local Federal Member to request that further action be undertaken to seek landowner permission and support for an investigation into opportunities for recreational, sporting or festival facilities use on Commonwealth land (telecommunications) on Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale.

  • June 2009 – a break through - council was approached by the owners to identify any interests or development or environmental plans for their site.  The Australian Communications and Media authority indicated that the site may no longer be required for operations and they were seeking to gain an understanding of potential stakeholder interests for the land.

  • 24th July, 2009 – another letter to Australian Communications and media Authority by CEO expressing a formal preliminary interest in this land due to its significant koala habitat andthe potential to develop district level sporting facilities.   The Councils Priority Infrastructure Plan has identified a need for district sports facilities at this location and the need to acquire this land by 2018 for that purpose.  Ongoing discussions and investigations resulted in a Pre-feasibility Study.

  • August 2010 – council approves that the site be considered for acquisition for conservation , open spaces and other purposes.

  • June 2011 – Koala conservation, Community Open Space Sports and Recreation Land Use Assessment for commonwealth Owned land at Birkdale. This is a 132 page study …including regional and site context, strategic goals, open space supply and demand, potential activities, site analysis etc.

  • May 2011 -  During this time investigations had been carried out on several sites within Redlands for a sporting facility.  In May 2011 one site in particular had been preferred on these facts by officers.   Then Councillor Karen Williams in May 2011 General meeting moved a motion for further investigations into other sites.   This was not supported as the investigations had all been carried out and the best location based on officers reports had been selected.    Councillor Williams didn’t agree with this area selected and wanted all other sites to be investigated again.   

  • September 2011 – Senate enquiry  The koala – saving our national icon – mentions this site on page 62

  • February 2012 – there was a memorandum – Proposal to Acquire/Lease Commonwealth lands Birkdale.  This memorandum outlines previous works, suggested uses, right down to suggestions of money in the capital works program 2016/17.   There are 3 Development concept plans also mapped.



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