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Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay

Dear Cr Boglary,

Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay thanksJust a brief note to say thank you on behalf of the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay for your support and promotion of our parish Olde English Fair and congratulations on winning one of our raffle prizes (enclosed).

Through this event we aimed to raise much needed funds for the church and the programs it offers to the community. Our busy community program includes two youth groups on Friday evenings, a music group for toddlers every Monday morning, a craft group that meets weekly, a wide range of bible study and home groups as well as three services every Sunday with a thriving Sunday School. Our halls are also well used by a wide variety of community groups.

We also provide care for local people in need through our emergency grocery parcels, and visits to local nursing homes. Thank you for helping us to keep our vibrant church and these community ministries alive and flourishing.

We raised some much needed funds to continue the work of the church but more importantly we showed the face of Christ to one another and those in our community. It was a blessing to our parish family to have your support.

Rev Scott Gunthorpe
Anglican Parish of Waterloo


Redlands Evening View Club

To Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary,

The Redlands Evening View Club would like to thank you for your interest in our club and attending our "Wine, Cheese and all that Jazz" event held on 21st October 2016.
The evening was a great success and raised a substantial amount of money. Redlands Evening View Club is part of The Smith Family. We raise funds for the "Learning for Life" program run by The Smith Family.
This program helps disadvantaged Australian students from prep to tertiary years by providing money for essential items needed for school.
Our club currently sponsors four students. As well as donating to the book and toy appeal we also donate towards extra activities such as camps and outings. No child should miss out on any educational opportunity provided by their school. All the money raised is specifically for the children.
We feel we are an important part of the Redlands has not only do we raise funds but we are a social group who have many and varied outings and interesting speakers for our dinner meetings.

If you are interested there is a website with all the information available: view.org.au

Once again thank you for your support of our club.

Carolyn Watson


Dear Cr Boglary

TellingStoryI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for granting money to the art course "Telling Story" for survivors of sexual violence.

 The group would not have had the materials and resources it did, without your grant.

 I am looking forward to seeing you at the opening of the exhibition on Friday evening 4 November, 2016 commencing at 6pm and I realise you need to leave shortly after for a prior engagement. Thank you for your support!   It is an honour to have you there and I am grateful for your help and assistance. Many of the participants have reported that the course has been very healing for them.

 Warmest regards

Lisa McDonald

Wellington Point State High School 

Dear Wendy,

A Note of Appreciation

On behalf of Wellington Point Stale High School, I wanted to send a note of appreciation for your on-going support and involvement in our school community.
You have become a true friend to our staff, students and parent community. Many of us recognise your incredible work ethic and tireless commitment to making a genuine and positive difference to our school and local community. We can always count on you to be at our P&C Meetings, School Assemblies and School events.
Your collaborative nature and can-do spirit is something we warmly welcome at our school -
mirroring our high expectations culture and commitment to excellence.
We look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you this year in the protection and
beautification of King Island with involvement from our LEAP students (academic achievers) and the
prospect of building a Community Garden here on our school premise.
Once again, thank you Wendy for your on-going and productive support to our school - we are
fortunate to have you as part of our school family.

Susan Dalton
Mar 2016

 Adele Fisher

As an active member of the Redland City community who has lived in the area for in excess of 20 years I have had many interactions with Wendy Boglary.  I have been heavily involved in the Ormiston State School P&C for a number of years including 3 years as the President.  Wendy has made herself available to attend meetings frequently throughout her 8 years as councillor and contributes to the discussion regularly.  Wendy has provided a much needed pair of hands in many fundraising events run by the P&C and she always happy to volunteer where ever needed.  Her volunteering work is replicated with many other organisations across the Redlands and this demonstrates to me her strong commitment to the community.   Through this volunteer work I see that Wendy is able to listen to many of the people who live in her division and truly understand their needs and expectations. 

In her role as Councillor for Division 1 I have had a number of occasions where I have sought out Wendy for advice on a range of topics.  I have always found her to be interested in the community needs and supportive of requests that are put to her.  She has convened a number of community meetings to give residents an opportunity to receive information directly from her and ask her questions about various events or situations within the division.  Wendy Boglary is an outstanding Councillor for Redland City. 

Adele Fisher
Feb 2016

 Mr. J. R. Henry

To whom it may concern,

I have known Wendy Boglary (nee Kendall) and her family since the 1970's. Her Father I knew professionally (he was the Beaudesert Branch Manager of the Commonwelth Bank), and the family I knew personally and they were all of good repute. Wendy was also a student of Beaudesert State High School and as the then Principal at that school I would have unhesitatingly given her a good reference.

My acquaintence with Wendy continues to the present and I know of no reason to alter my high opinion of her honesty and integrity.


Mr. J. R. Henry,
77/83 Freeth St. West,
Friday, 15th January, 2016 


Wendy I wish you all the best in the upcoming elections.  I would like to say thank you as you have always acted promptly when ever I have needed help in the Village.
You work tirelessly in our Wellington Point and Ormiston areas attending and supporting all events where possible . Our community is the better for having you as our local councillor .
Keep up your good work .

Gail Webb
Wellington Point.


Cr Wendy Boglary:

a genuine and effective community representative

 As a long-term resident of Division 1, various Council-related matters have arisen over the last six years where the assistance of our local Councillor, Wendy Boglary has been sought.

Cr Boglary has demonstrated that she has the rare and valuable combination of skills essential for an effective elected representative. Those core skills primarily involve the ability to be a good listener, to distil the core issues and then consult with constituents, council staff and elected representatives, as well as other stakeholders to achieve an outcome where possible. Of course the readiness to be approachable and available to residents is essential.

On every occasion she has been contacted by me or my neighbours, she has responded within 24 hours with an undertaking to discuss or investigate the issue at hand. In the event that Cr Boglary doesn’t have an on-the-spot answer to a request , query or issue, she will undertake to find out the correct information within or outside Council, and provide a response in a timely manner.

The most recent issue of huge concern to our local Ormiston community involved a strongly opposed development application. Throughout the process, Cr Boglary liaised with residents and council staff to keep us as informed as possible. Eventually, through Cr Boglary’s ability to negotiate with residents, planners and the developer and his staff, residents’ legitimate concerns were addressed by the developer, and the best possible outcome - under the current planning laws - was achieved.

Finally, Cr Boglary’s representative capacity is hugely enhanced by her genuine interest and involvement in the community, her respect for residents, and her untiring determination to ask difficult questions within and outside of Council, even when this trait may make her unpopular in some sectors. As a result, she is cognisant of the “bigger picture:” the politics and government systems within which the Redlands and the wider region exists.  


Michelle Jeppesen
Feb 2016


Connect2Group has benefited greatly from working with Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary.

As a non for profit organisation that supports and assists disabled clients in our community, we rely heavily on community and Council support. Wendy has been pivotal in supporting our Community Arts Precinct and over a number of years assisting in successfully gaining council grants in order to commission a Client Sensory Garden, sealed car park (allowing client access to this space), regular green space maintenance, hall painting and roof restoration.

All of these projects would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the ongoing advocacy and support that Wendy provides.

Wendy has given Connect2Group her time, professionalism and unwavering support. She is a constant face at all Connect2Group fundraising and marketing events and takes the time to learn about our clients and their needs. Wendy has been an integral part of our success story here at Connect2Group.

 Jamie Wynn
General Manager
Community Services Connect2Group
Feb 2016


I have known Wendy Boglary for the past 20yrs as a small business owner at Ormiston Village Shopping Centre and then in her roll as our local Divisional Councillor for Wellington Point.  I find Wendy extremely committed and very hard working for all the residents and small businesses in her electorate.  Wendy has a very hands on approach to all issues that come her way.  She always makes herself available and is very willing to accept any challenge and follows through to the final result.  I admire her determination to fight for a fair and rightful outcome over the sometimes easier options.  I would suggest local council needs a lot more people like Wendy in positions of authority.

Julie Conaty
Wellington Point
Feb 2016


I am so grateful that Wendy Boglary is one of our Councillors.  She always has a smile on her face, regardless of what challenges she is facing and manages to find the time to speak with you whether she is your local Councillor or not.  Wendy has that rare quality of making those who approach her, feel that your issues are important and you are being listened to.She embodies what all Councillors should strive for and I cannot speak more highly of her.

Jo-Ann Perry
Jan 2016




I first met Wendy Boglary well before she went into the Council when she took part in the Cancer Council Relay for Life. Leading up to the event she took a role on the organising committee as the Teams Recruitment Officer which she undertook with gusto as she invited many teams to sign up and participate in this community event to raise funds for Cancer Council Queensland. Wendy is still a member of both the Cancer Council Redlands fund-raising group and the organising committee for the yearly Relay for Life. With the many cancer fund-raising events held, Wendy is there to help set up and there at the end cleaning up and filling the bins. Her commitment to Cancer Council Queensland is commendable and a role-model to people in our community.

Wendy is out and about in the Redlands community which shows her support for the many community committees and events.  Once I might have been surprised to see Wendy at so many events but now I know that Wendy is simply dedicated to supporting the many good causes in the Redlands.  In her role as a Councillor I know Wendy has many, many invitations to attend functions and this she does with enthusiasm, often going from one event to the next in a hassle-free manner and is genuinely glad to greet people.

The old adage: if you want something done you ask a busy person, applies to Wendy Boglary. If she can’t help you directly she knows someone who can. One of her many skills is to introduce people who can work together.

Wendy Boglary has a knack of making people aware that they are important.  Her love of the Redlands just radiates from her and her lovely smile is a joy to receive.


Mrs Pam Tranter
Redland City Senior Citizen of the Year 2011
Secretary/Treasurer, Cancer Council Queensland,
       Redlands Branch
Secretary, Cleveland Forum Communicators
Life Member, BayFM Community Radio
Justice of the Peace


160203 IMG 2257crop

It has been a pleasure to work with Councillor Wendy Boglary during the past (8) years at Ormiston House and on various Committees.

During Wendy’s (2) Terms in Office as Division 1 Councillor, she has displayed total commitment to and involvement with the Constituents she  represents as well as being proactive in Redland City Council Issues.
Wendy is an excellent communicator and engages enthusically at all times.  Wendy’s integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and hard work is  evidenced by the positive outcomes and Community Programmes which have been achieved during her Term of Office.

Meg O’Driscoll OAM 
Jan 2016


160207 KAB imageCouncillor Boglary has been a great supporter of Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland  and our programs to reduce waste and litter in the Redlands.

 KABQ introduced a new concept called “Butt Free Clubs” and in discussions with Cr. Boglary we looked at the Redlands Sporting Club to launch this new program in 2010.

 Cr. Boglary took the idea to the Redlands Sporting Club Management who then approved the concept.  We launched this program at the Redlands Sporting Club as the first club in Australia to help reduce cigarette butts in the outside/parking areas where there is a high amount of butt litter.  The Club now sells pocket ashtrays to members and visitors to the club who can use these pocket ashtrays as a convenient option to throwing their butts on the ground.

 The goal is to take the same concept to all clubs throughout Queensland and reduce the high amount of butt litter that currently is damaging our environment.

 Cr. Boglary also coordinated in conjunction with the Lions Club, the “Adopt A Point” clean up at Wellington Point Park and now conducts regular clean ups to keep the Point beautiful.

 We thank Cr. Boglary for all her hard work to keep the Redlands/Wellington Point beautiful and the support of Redlands City Council.   Keeping the Redlands a “beautiful” place to live.


Laura Willmott,
Deputy CEO,
Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland
March 6, 2012